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We are a boutique-style business that specializes in importing Japanese vehicles. We have been in this industry for over 10 years and have built a reputation as being one of the best importers in the industry; our clients love our commitment and passion for quality and satisfaction.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, and we do this by providing our clients with an incomparable level of satisfaction. We understand the importance of value in all that we do, and we pledge to provide you with a high-quality service at an affordable price.

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Knowing is half the battle. Understanding how the process works and what to look for encourages a far more relaxed setting than to be left feeling in the dark with what to expect or how things work. When we move forward through the processes of importing from Japan with our clients, we explain each step along the way regarding all necessary financial details and any necessary time frames to help our clients feel in control through each step of the process.

You can expect that the information provided to the auction house by the selling party and the information provided by the house inspection handled by specific house inspection staff is forwarded to you without leaving out any pertinent details that may concern you during the shopping and buying process. Furthermore, if we see anything that we deem to be a safety concern, mechanical concern, or an aspect of the vehicle that may require special attention during the safety inspection process once the vehicle has landed; we are committed to being as transparent as possible when providing you the same level of details or more.

We are more likely to steer our buyers away from potential vehicles due to condition concerns that may be a safety issue, or what we may feel could end up being a financial disaster.

We know that clear and efficient communication is key to providing an exceptional vehicle importing experience. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have and keep you informed every step of the way. From the moment you choose us as your vehicle importer, we will provide regular updates on the status of your vehicle, so you always know what’s happening. We understand that importing a vehicle can be a complex process, which is why we take the time to explain everything to you in plain language. Our team is committed to making sure that you feel confident and informed throughout the entire process.

It’s important to spend the necessary time with our clients when gathering intel or searching for the vehicle that best fits their points of interest and their budget goals. By spending more time this allows us to be concise and transparent about our experiences with buying used vehicles out of Japan and what to expect through this process. This includes from first registering to the auctions, to when the vehicle has landed and requires an inspection. Prior to any purchasing being handled, we have active agents available at most locations to personally check every vehicle before we make any decision to buy it on your behalf, and not without your consent.

We understand the importance of transparency and trust when it comes to buying a used vehicle. That’s why we offer comprehensive Vehicle History Reports as an optional add-on for every car we import from Japan. Our reports include detailed information on the car’s maintenance history, accident history, and owner history, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a quality vehicle that has been well taken care of. Our team of experts meticulously gather and analyze all available information to ensure that each car meets our high standards for quality and safety. With JDM North’s optional Vehicle History Reports, you can make an informed decision about your purchase and feel confident in the quality of the vehicle you’re buying.

We stand behind our vehicles and with our clients. What this means to us is that we are more interested in building a long-term relationship with all our clients when we buy from Japan. By listening to our clients needs and being as transparent as possible through the import process, not only are our vehicles landing in higher quality than other import outfits and brokers, but by spending the time with our clients and learning who they are and what their ambitions are, it allows us to give them more of an experience rather than a sale. Our goal is to create the best win-win situations as possible so that our clients are not left feeling unsatisfied with the end results. We are in business to assist our clients achieve their goals.

"Our customers love the quality and performance of the vehicles we import from Japan."

Brian Scott
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Couldn't be happier about getting my FD2 civic type r. with Low mileage, rust free, early product so it lands next month legal for Canada. I didn't know it was possible but these guys proved me otherwise. Thanks again JDN North for your effective professional service! We will be back!
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Rob is a very knowledgeable importer who will only bring the best cars over from Japan. Have never had a problem with him and he will be importing any cars for me in the future. If I could give a higher rating I would
Link Lingenfelter
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My V7 STI came from Japan through these guys! Headache and trouble free process the whole way, and they make sure to bring in the best cars they can find. Got my Subaru tuned at AFR auto works in Red Deer and the guys in the shop said it was the cleanest GDB they had ever seen. 120,000km but it looked like 20,000km they said, Original engine and everything the guys were impressed ! Wouldn’t import through anyone else... if it has rust these guys won’t even touch it ! 🏁
Leendace Perez
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Imported my first car, also my dream car, using JDM North's services. Rob helped me through every step of the way. He was attentive to my messages and answered all my questions in a timely manner. He knew my budget and what I was looking for. He not only delivered me a unit with all my boxes ticked, he was able to get me one with low mileage too! It was such a great experience because Rob wants you to get your car as much as you want to get your car. He worked long hours to get me my car, stayed on top of everything else he has on his plate, and helped me out even after I had my car in hand. Would 100000000% recommend!!
Oliver McLennan
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Rob is great to deal with, often with import companies communication can be a major hurdle as Japan is 17 hours ahead. Their businesses open for the day when most Canadian businesses are closing. So having an importer that can hammer out a deal with a dealership at 1am is vital when your dream car is on the line. In addition Rob is very knowledgeable about the cars he brings in and my trust in him has been rewarded multiple times in the form of super clean imports that have been everything I hoped for. Rob has brought in 2 of my dream vehicles for me thus far, as well as a remarkably clean Evo for my friend I had referred to him. I will continue to go to Rob for future imports and cannot recommend him enough to anyone else who is in the market.
Dylan Perrett
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So my car is on a boat on its way from Japan as we speak, and I wanted to repost my experience with importing. Took me a long time to get it all together and figure out exactly what I wanted, and Rob was amazing. Answered all of my questions, gave me suggestions and info, and got me exactly what I wanted perfectly within my budget I had laid out. It’s my JZX110 Toyota Mark II IR-V. It was my birthday present for myself, but with a few shipping delays out of our control, it’s on its way and I love it! It’s in great shape, and I’m counting the days until it’s in my driveway lol

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Our company was featured in Streetlight Productions (Formally known as P604), a Canadian publication that specializes in coverage of the automotive industry. The article highlighted our company’s success in importing cars from Japan and providing high-quality, affordable vehicles to customers in North America. We’re proud to have been featured in such a respected magazine and we look forward to continuing to provide excellent service to our customers.

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JDM North is a leading importer of Japanese cars with over a decade of experience in the industry. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for ourselves by consistently providing our customers with high-quality cars and excellent service. Our extensive experience and knowledge of the Japanese car market enable us to source the best cars for our customers, meeting their unique needs and preferences.